Nepal Community Development Bank Ltd. is established in Butwal, under the Bank and Financial Institution Act 2063 as a regional Development Bank. Initially, the Bank is to operate within three districts: Rupandehi, Nawalparasi and Chitwan. The bank will expand its business in other districts as per the requirement of community. The bank is committed to provide effective and efficient banking services in the proposed area, where the banking activities are in short supply.

“A community equipped with financial services”

“ Viable banking services for needy and prospective entrepreneurs”

The bank provides customer-friendly banking services in accordance with the provision prescribed in Nepal Rastra Bank Act 2058, Bank and Financial Institutions Act 2063, Company Act 2063, other prevailing Acts and Memorandum of Association of the bank. Its specific objectives are:
To preserve and promote the interest and right of the depositors
To provide reliable financial intermediary services and other productive as well as deprived sectors
To assist in strengthening of national economy

“Satisfied customer and efficient delivery makes bank worthwhile”

· Transparent and fast track service delivery approach.
· Community development partner of the nation.
· Small and medium sized productive credit and inclusiveness.
· Partnership with development agencies and civil societies.
· Technology based banking services.
· Committed to the corporate social responsibility.

Capital Structure
The capital structure of the Bank is as below:

Authorized Capital Rs. 600,000,000.00
Issued Capital Rs. 484,648,780.00
Paid up Capital Rs. 220,294,900.00

Promoters of the bank are belonging from the diversified area shaving high social profile in their corresponding areas. The present Board of Directors in composed of eight members including one to be from the roster of the Nepal Rastra Bank as a Professional Director.

Activities of the bank
Deposit Products
· Current Deposit
· Fixed Deposit of Various Maturities
· NCD Saral Bachat Khata
· NCD Super Saving Account
· NCD Balbalika Bachat Khata (For children under 16 years)
· NCD Sahara Bachat Khata (For senior citizens)
· NCD Ama-Chhori Bachat Khata (for women)
· NCD Sharedhani Bachat Khata (for shareholders)
· NCD Mero Muddati Khata (One year fixed deposit)
· Call Deposit
· Cumulative and Recurring deposit Scheme
· Other Special Deposit Schemes

Loan Products
· Overdraft Loan
· Consumer Loan
· Home Loan
· Hire Purchase Loan
· Education Loan
· Easy Mortgage Loan
· Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) Loan
· Project Loan
· Agricultural Loan
· Loan against FDR and Government Securities
· Margin Lending
· Deprived Sector Lending

Non-Funded and other Banking Activities
· Issuance of various types of Bank Guarantee
· ATM/Debit Card Facility
· Locker Facility
· SMS Banking Facility
· Foreign Exchange (Cash/TC) Transaction
· Marketing and Business Research
· Merchant Banking